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Download your Australian Citizenship Forms:

FormNameUse this Form (If you Are Eligible to Apply) andApply Online
Form 1300tApplication for Australian Citizenship EligibilityIf you are in between 18 and 59 years old and have permanent resident statusStart Now
FormNameUse this Form (If you Are Eligible to Apply) andDownload
Form 118Application for Australian Citizenship by DescentIf at least one parent is an Australian CitizenDownload Now
Form 119Application for Evidence of Australian CitizenshipIf you need a Citizenship Certificate (proof of your citizenship status) Download Now
Form 128Application for Renunciation of Australian CitizenshipIf you’d like to resign to your citizenship (i.e. you’ll be becoming a citizen of another country that does not allow dual citizenship) Download Now
Form 132Application to Resume Australian CitizenshipIf you’d like to restart the citizenship application processDownload Now
Form 1195Identity DeclarationA complementary form to your citizenship applicationDownload Now
Form 1272Application for Australian Citizenship for Adopted ChildrenIf you were adopted by an Australian Citizen under the full Hague Convention on Intercountry AdoptionDownload Now
Form 1290Application for Australian Citizenship - Other Situations- If you are 60 years old or more; or
- If you are 17 years old or younger; or
- If you suffer from a physical inability
Download Now
Form 1391Request for Confirmation of Australian Citizenship Status of a Deceased PersonTo request proof of citizenship for a deceased relative (parent or grandparent)Download Now

Form 1300t

Form 118

Form 119

Form 128

Form 132

Form 1195

Form 1272

Form 1290

Form 1391


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